Thursday, August 30, 2007


It all started when a monkey assaulted my older sister, Cara. It leapt onto her head in the middle of a crowded Moroccan town square. If it had only been one monkey, I might never have caught the travel bug. But fortunately, there were two monkeys. The second monkey leapt onto her head to brawl with the first monkey. Cara started screaming, and her friends had to step in, and yank apart the dueling monkeys, thus liberating a frightened Cara. She escaped with only a cut on her nose, where a stray claw had accidently swiped her. Lucky for her, she didn't get rabies. Lucky for me, I went on an adventure to rival hers, which would change the course of my entire life.

I blame it on the monkey. I hadn't thought much about studying abroad until she told me this particular story. It was a "right place at the right time" scenario. I was spending a particularly miserable summer between first and second year of college, looking for something more definitive in life; something more adventurous, something more extreme. A monkey on the head sounded like just the ticket.

I researched, and found two study abroad programs on-line, one semester in Vienna, Austria, and one in Florence, Italy. Not exactly the type of places you go when you want to be attacked by a monkey, but I only meant it figuratively, after all, what I was really looking for was adventure. What I found was adventure, and a monkey.


kegler747 said...

Hello Colleen! Thanks for the kind words you said on my blog. Regarding Macao, basically its a small city and you can go to all its main attractions for just 1 whole day. You may ride their bus as it goes to to everywhere in the island or take a taxi if budget is not a problem. U may start anywhere in Macao but the Largo de Senado is a great start. Just ask for a map at the airport or seaport as it recommends many walking tours. U cannot get lost is Macau because there's a taxi everywhere :)

Anonymous said...

hey! are you leaving for China yet? It was awesome seeing you in J-town! ~amy

Colleen said...

Kegler, thanks so much for the recommendations, I'll be hitting you up for far more, once I'm set loose on Asia, so be prepared!

Ames, it was sooo great seeing you! I have to wait another 12 days to go to China. Phase 2 got pushed back, and it sucks because I'm unemployed!

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